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A group of Robots who could turn into vehicles.
They are like Transformers, but are cheaper, and sold in stores like Dollar General.

They have names like Ultimus Pirmo, Star Space, and Sky Bot.

Instead of being listed in the 2 factions of AutoBots and Decepticons, they fight as Good Transmorphers and Bad Transmorphers.

They are akin to Action Rangers, a toy similar to Power Rangers and also sold at Dollar General.
1) We are poor, so my Mom bought us Transmorphers instead.

2) This transmorpher sucks, I think the asian kid who made it was retarded.

3) Transmorphers, robots with disguises, transmorphers, not what meets your eyes!
by la ballena es grande May 31, 2007
Toys sold at Dollar General, identical of Power Rangers,
but much cheaper.
Why dont you and your rat tail go play with Action Rangers behind the trailer Timmy?
by la ballena es grande May 31, 2007
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