17 definitions by la la la la la la la

1. The ability to kick anyone's ass without as much as breaking sweat.

2. The ability to kick someone's ass and look amazing doing it.

3. The ability to dress as a member of the opposite sex but not look bad doing it

4. The ability to continue fighting after recieving larger then average wounds
# 1. Bruce Lee

# 2. Shooting someone over shoulder without looking

# 3. Sephiroth (FFVII), Alucard (Hellsing), Dante (Devil may cry).

# 4. Rather slef explanitory, don't you think?
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 15, 2004
any object that may be used to transport a person from point A to point B.
I have gotten a job so i may purchase a vehicular transportation module
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 13, 2004
Part of the refrain of one of rammstein's songs, Feuer Frei!.
Bang Bang
Bang Bang

by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA October 09, 2004
A word in the quickish language, the language of those who believe in the quickness. Whenever spoken it MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST AWLAYS be repeated by all those who hear it. Failure to repeat it will result in death. If someone does not repeat the word, but is not caught within one week, upon capture, they will be tortured to death.
Citizen 1: "Wakka"

Citizen 2: "Wakka"
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 06, 2004
an insult reserved for use upon the lowest, gayest, most assholic idiots who are ever deserving of your everlasting and unconditional loathing.
how the hell did a douchey queer bag like george w. bush become the most powerful man in america?
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA September 13, 2004
the opposite of the male wang. aka pussy, vagina, yawning hippo, and crotch orphus
i do not have a negawang. my sister does
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA July 28, 2004
the quickness governs all. high ruler in the land of belchum. the quickness does things, but is NOT used. The quickness only takes visible form when executing someone, and that is when it takes the form of a giant hand with a protruding pointer finger. Acceptable answer for any question who's other acceptibal answer you do not know. The quickness shall always be obeyed.
dude..... quickness.

fa sho
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA July 28, 2004
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