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Function: noun

a male that acts in a certain fashion in a given situation, fully knowing such act is considered rude, obscene, or otherwise frowned upon in normal social interaction.
Don't be "that guy" that cuts in line.

Didn't he just hit on the girl he knows you are dating? Yeah, he's "that guy".

Hey, can i bum your last cigarette? It's my last one, don't be "that guy".
by lUK February 19, 2004
Function: noun

1 : one who is extremely salty; pertaining to an entire box of salt
2 : moody or cross at the most extreme level
Aaron is a salt box, no one could possible be in that bad of a mood.
by lUK February 19, 2004
Function : verb

1 : to assail with intention of rape
2 : to violently penetrate with a foreign object. see Clockwork.
3 : to fondle vigorously

Inflected form(s): gaddied; gaddying

gaddied : to have been the recipient of a gaddy

gaddyist : one who commmits a gaddy
Dude, did he just gaddy you?

Walshy was gaddied so hard last night that he cried.
by lUK February 19, 2004
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