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A person, generally male, who makes themselves a facebook page and constantly posts pictures and statuses and asks others to like/share in agreement/disagreement/if the picture is relevant to the person. They beg people to subscribe to them. They steal everything they get from other people and implement it as their own. They post most of their stuff for no personal reason whatsoever. They just want attention because they can not get it elsewhere (also see attention whore). They add so many friends in one day that the account disables itself from adding more people. They post on their own posts, asking people to subscribe, and promising that if they do so, they will get 2,000+ friend requests in just one minute. A lot of the things they post are stupid, make no sense, or try to make them seem sweet or nice. They'll show up on your news feed without having to be on your friends list because you have dumbass friends. Facebook loves them so much they no longer allow you to block them because the "block system is overloaded". These people are generally annoying.
Mark Cefalo: Like if you know who this actor\singer is (: *Miley Cyrus*

I think part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight is because we fear something so great won't happen twice.

LIKE if You See Your Age ^_^
True Love ♥

Me: Okay, I need to block this Facebook Faggot. His Facebook Faggot-ness is pissing me off.
"We're sorry, Facebook's block system is overloaded right now. Please try again later."
by lGhostl May 28, 2012

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