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5 definitions by l34v3m34l0n3

the Right way to spell huzzizle
A combination of huzzah and foshizzle
Huzzizle maaan! we spelled this right this time!!!!
by l34v3m34l0n3 March 15, 2005
11 1
the slurr of but of course.
an ackknowledgement
practacly yes
bob: the sky sure is blue to day.
jim: butovcourze
bob: butovcourze
by l34v3m34l0n3 March 18, 2005
7 1
To throttle a fish.

(the 'u' is not a vowel in this word)
my god bryan stop nhusing that poor fish!!!!
by l34v3m34l0n3 March 31, 2005
6 1
A combination of Huzzah! and Foshizzle
Huzzizle niggas!!!!!!!!! WE won THe ball game!!!!!!
by l34v3m34l0n3 March 14, 2005
12 7
A salutaition meaning,
"I'm going to kill you".
Jim: Hi Bob!
*Bob slices Jim in half*
by l34v3m34l0n3 June 09, 2005
5 5