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a liberal feminist bitch, she has already been president. if she follows the footsteps of bill, she will have some crack addict under her desk licking on her cunt. but then how do you tell the differance between her mouth and her pussy?
i would fuck her in the ass. no lube and have my best friend shoving his cock in her mouth at the same time. maybe that would straightin the bitch out
by l-g February 27, 2005
see definition number 4
from now on known as a number 4
by l-g February 28, 2005
"Feminist"- Defination used by a group of "wanna be men" women. desiring to have a penis to which they can fuck themselves.
Did you hear about the feminist rally that turned into a giant lesbo fuck fest.
by l-g February 10, 2005

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