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62 definitions by l

post modern: being wierd for the sake of being wierd
this chair is po-mo

Comment submitted with request to delete: The meaning of being "wierd" trying to be extra wierd is
hopelessly vague. It does not suit the original meanings
of this new term that are already well current in loose
modern English. The term as given in disputed usage would
be a hypernym of a word{can't think of one current} such
as "Ultra" in special use in French politics after restor-
ation of Monarchy, early 18th century. It is a little too
hyper, in my opinion.
Truly Yours,
by l January 03, 2004
A creature with a long neck (Giraffe, Brontosaurus, Ostrich?) who makes shitty flash on Newgrounds. Known to have sexual relations with Josh Bedn
Hi, I'm YoinK!
by L November 06, 2003
Thick black rubber marks left by wheelspinning or skidding a powerful car on tarmac
I locked up the wheels and put it through a hedge, the darkies were still there 4 months later
by L September 21, 2003
Warning equipment site providing resources and warning equipment to the emergency professionals. ~elightbars

Touted amoung emergency professionals as the last resource site and message board that has successfully been moderated and maintained by a dedicated staff of administration, without being overrun by distasteful posters.
Notable amoung administrators is the ever present Pat H. and founder John Marcson.
Jonny (wacker); "I think i'll try elightbars to tell everybody what I just did with my amber lights!

Tom; "Don't even try Jonny Admin will delete your meaningless post before it even sees eyes."
by l November 14, 2004
Made of by students.
A more fun word for sex.
by L November 19, 2004
An activity in which fags assmeble pretending to be athletic. Mindless drivel and shuffling across mats in order to pretend to be straight athletes. The will power to not just wack each other is amazing. However, fencing is not a sport but rather a gayer version of arts and crafts.
Fencing is not a sport
by l March 04, 2005