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One of the most boring age a person can be. The person looks good but is expected to be either (a) working or (b) partying and getting laid in college, or (c) going into the army, or doing a combination of both. Porn looks good about the age of 19 since there are nothing else except for jack off to porn.
I'm 19. Lets join the army - nothing else to do
#army #porn. college #dick #sex #boring #bland #studying #working
by kyster23 April 07, 2011
The biggest gimmick out there. You pay oodles of money just to listen to some dickhead thump some outdated propaganda from the 1960s that is outdated while the world is falling apart. The propaganda usually involves something like Al Gore and maybe something related to how great the Beatles and Bob Marley are. You are forced to live in some smelly dorm room where you survive on Spam and Eazy Mac, and you have to deal with "diverse people" as in weird people - a lot of them have disabilities and they got a scholarship because of their untreated ADHD. The getting laid and beer pong is a big myth - most of the time in college is spent watching YouTube videos when you really should be research about some philosophical rhetoric of the Russian Revolution or something like that, jacking off too porn when you really want to get laid, and watching your favorite ball game get their ass kicked. You actually have to go to class with granny and your mom - that sucks.
College is a big gimmick. I am taking online and screw the Establishment!
#establishment #gimmick #education #porn #economy #work
by kyster23 April 07, 2011
Annoying bunch of people that haven't grown up. Born from 1976-1990. They shack up and have kids without getting married, still live home with their parents at 30, go to college til their 30 without any truly defined goals, and still think they could take on the world. The idea of work bothers then so they vote for some whacked out meathead douchebag of a president that gives them welfare so they can spend it on weed and poorly functioning condoms.They have the worse sense of fashion known to man and gender androgyny is common for this generation. These are the people that wear their hats backwards, buttcracks showing off, pants on the ground, and think they are "fashionable". Their kids are better dressed than them and they are more mature than them.
Generation Y - annoying generation
#meathead #buttcrack #rap #ipod #egocentric #young adult #condom
by kyster23 May 12, 2011
Qualities of a conservative:

Watches Fox News religiously
Listens to talk radio
Watches football
Owns a gun - I mean a whole bunch of them
Loves professional wrestling
Loves dynamite
Loves teen idols
Thinks everyone needs a boot up their ass
Goes to church
Generally a very nice guy/gals
Hard working
Treats people with respect
Loves America

Qualities of a liberal:

pot smoking
immature - acts like they are in middle school still
Bitches a lot
Afraid of everything
Friends with animals
Afraid of the noise of a shutgun
Hates computers unless it is a Mac
Plays guitar
Needs a psychologist
Conservatives ftw
#liberals #conservative #gay #hippie #shotgun #redneck #church
by kyster23 April 25, 2011
Someone who is out of touch and stuck in the 1960s.
Look at this old pot smoking hippie with a Obama sticker on his Harley Davidson motorcycle - he is just an out of touch liberal
#1960s #hippie #obama #gay #out of touch #old fashioned #not cool
by kyster23 April 25, 2011
The tea party is not just a bunch of conservative pissed off redneck, the tea party is actually a liberal party. A classical liberal party. Liberal means "liberty" and that's means freedom, and that is what the tea party means. The United States view of liberal is allowing people to have sex, even if it's gay, or a threesome, or whatever, whenever they please. They are big on drugs and that stuff, but they don't believe in true economic freedom. The liberals are the ones that are not truly "liberal" and they are taking away our economic freedoms for a replacement of other "rights".

Your typical member of the tea party is truly you average working class American. They want their money and they want to be paid fully for what they work for, instead of spreading the wealth to unmarried pregnant teenagers on weed who live in California who are pretending to be bisexual.
Tea party = Average working American citizen
#pissed off #conservative #redneck #liberal #fox news #taxes #freedom
by kyster23 April 17, 2011
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