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An individual who enjoys the company of male birds and bunging up their anal passages with his todger
Fred's run into the Chicken Shed again. He's sucka chicken lover
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
Be Fugazzi, Don't Be Fubar
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
Releasing your penis from its trousers and smacking it down hard on an inanimate object to give a slapping sound (Sometimes referred to as Cocklashing)
We were down the bar and Mike dropped his trousers and wapped it out for all to see
by kymcleod October 17, 2003
see also atari and Atari ST for the amiga's immitator and competition.
So dude, you getting an amiga or an ST?
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
The act of pulling out your manhood and beating it against something to give a flesh-on-flesh slapping sound. It can be something of yours (leg, stomach), someone else (girlfriend's face) or an inanimate object (getting it out in the pub and Wapping it out onto the table)
I was running to answer the phone after having just got out the shower and gave myself a nasty case of cocklash.
by kymcleod October 17, 2003
See wapping
He Wapped it out for all to see.
by kymcleod October 21, 2003
A really steaming hot curry.
Sh!t!! That curry i had last night is a real weapon of ass destruction AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH MY RING!!!
by kymcleod October 10, 2003
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