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Kylie is an aborigonal australian name meaning a type of boomerang
get me the kylie one
by Kylie January 24, 2005
A boomerang, Australian aboriginal cultural hunting small bommerang which is straght at one end and slightly curved at the other.
by kylie August 06, 2003
really pretty/gorgeous/beautiful girl
God!!beyonce is soo eimear right now!
by Kylie November 26, 2003
The man who i will most likely never meet in my lifetime..who i love. He is an amazing singer and has the sexiest voice I've ever heard in my entire life. He has amazing hair. He the lead singer in one of the greatest bands of all time My Chemical Romance. His voice/body/face/everything about him brings the highest degree of pleasure to my senses. He is the sexiest man to ever walk this planet....whoever marries him is the luckiest bitch ever. Gerard also wears makeup..which is amazingly sexy on him. He is orgasmic. That is all.

-Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying-
I waited 2 hours outside My Chemical Romance's tour bus waiting for Gerard Way...and he wasn't in there. It was freezing cold outside .....but at least i got to meet Frankie and Mikey. It was amazing. MCR puts on one amazing show. Gerard..i love you
by Kylie April 16, 2005
A snuggler is someone who likes to spoon with you all the time, no matter where you are he will show affection
You have the best snuggler.
by kylie February 18, 2004
The best donkeytrainer in the world. Shes a joker.
Hey look at that smiti. Doesnt she train those donkeys well.
by Kylie March 04, 2004
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