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1. a newer form of "music" that usually falls under the pop genre. The songs are sung by women, often feature an auto-tuner, and usually pertain to how much they want to get inebriated and/or fucked by multiple partners (sometimes of both genders).

2. any song by Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, or Katy Perry. Janet Jackson created the origins of slut rock in the mid-90's.
I'm sure that Ke$ha's father has hung himself ever since his daughter became a slut rock star.

The easiest girls in America are in Middle School thanks to slut rock.
#annoying #whores #not music #lady gaga #ke$ha #katy perry
by Kyldonia January 21, 2010
also known as a "fortress of solitude", an area where one can masturbate undisturbed. Fap cabins are usually outfitted with pinups or other fapping enhancements.
a bathroom, shower, car in the driveway, man cave, or secluded work desk.

"My fap cabin is covered in pictures of Hope Solo, and plays Alicia Keyes music on repeat."
#masturbation #fap #fortress of solitude #spanking #fapping
by kyldonia February 06, 2013
n. - 1) a woman who is ready for mating by massively increased vaginal excretion. Will usually be seen wearing next to nothing whilst grinding on the nearest cholo in the club.
2) the actual vagina of the aforementioned subject. A commonly seen feature in a squirter.
That bridesmaid party looks like a nest of juice lagoons.

-Jim, did you just take a shower?
- Naw. This juice lagoon just orgasmed while I was going down on her.
#slut #cumdumpster #squirter #vagina #whore
by kyldonia August 24, 2012
1) a slang term for the Philadelphia Eagles, since they are the only team portrayed by a white bird.

2) a white bird.
"Are you watching the Philadelphia Honkeybirds play against the Baltimore Niggerbirds this weekend?"
#philadelphia #eagles #honkey #bird #sucks
by Kyldonia December 30, 2009
a sexual act consisting of ejaculating on a girl's face, drawing a line across her forehead with the semen, and whispering "Simba".
I took your mom out last night and gave her The Lion King.
#sexual act #lion #king #simba #ejaculate #face #dirty sanchez
by Kyldonia August 07, 2009
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