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cronic crampage of the breastical

miner symptoms include:
.heavy breathing

.itchy foreskin
.swelling of the nut-sack (blue balls)
.stinky snatch (smells of calms) "she'll a lil clammy.."

.spontaneous childbirth

.pink eye

.shhhhuuurrrred shhpeeshhhed

cronic Symptoms resulting in:
.anal leakage / rectal spasms
.extreme stipples (stiffnipps)
.blurb vision
.milky discharged

people at high risk include:
children over the age of 8
. women with large dangle snatches
. a person with white skin and red hair. (ranga's)
.the Jew community

.south Australian bogans
.weirdo's with breado's

.women with muffin tops
.people with mullets and buzzcuts

- If any symptoms occur please seek medical advice
help is out there.

' Dude, do you wanna come to party tonight?'


"i've got the boobcramp blues..."

'R.I.P dear Agnes, a strong willed woman, a fighter til the end. A life taken away to soon. She was a mother of three a widow of five.

She lost her seven year long fight to cronic boobcramp on her mother's brother's cousin's birthday. R.I.P we lost a beautiful soul"
by kylacoon July 16, 2011
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