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2 definitions by ky to the la

In its simplest form, a Mansonite would be someone who listens to Marilyn Manson's music, and also agrees with his ways of thinking. Most likely a frequent poster on the Heirophant. Now a Mansonite could be some real goth who doesnt like to listen to any other stuff but NIN and MM, or it could be some poser type thinking that being a mansonite automatically makes you goth. I am a true Masonite and since when do i cut myself because thats what the goth kids do? i actaully do own clothes that are not just black (or red, if you count that) and i am quite okay with my life (a.t.m.) and i love marilyn manson not only as a band, but as a person as well, and so that is what makes me "real"
person 1: omg i like totally wuv mawiwyn manson. hes my wittle wuv bunny! im so gothy emo that i cut myself cuz his music tells me to! i am such a mansonite!!!
me: you idiot your a stupid emo kid who dresses in black and only listens to marilyn manson because he doesnt want to be called emo.im a true mansonite and so you shutup
person 2: oh...um yeah. i like. marilyn manson.
me: im sure...
by ky to the la November 27, 2005
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gigantinourmous is very big, as big as you can get, a mix between giant, ginourmous, enormous, and gigantic. so you can see its as big as it gets.
like oh em gee that guys cock was gigantinourmous!!! i would so do him any day!
by ky to the la November 27, 2005
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