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Something you shout when you're listening to a CD with other people when it starts to skip, especially if you live in 1997.
REMIX! Haha, get it? It's skipping, it sounds like a bad remix! Haha! Guys? C'mon, it's funny!
by kwirk June 04, 2005
Nickname for Bank One Ballpark, located in downtown Phoenix, AZ. Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Let's go see the D-Backs play the Padres this weekend at The Bob!
by kwirk May 31, 2005
Someone who lives in Los Angeles.
A: There sure are a lot of LAliens here!
B: Uhh, this is a Lakers game.
by kwirk February 10, 2006
Extreme props to someone for doing something totally appreciated. Invented in the rec.music.hip-hop Usenet group back in 1997.
Thanks for sending that file to me, you get MEGADAPS!
by kwirk June 04, 2005
Someone who comes from or lives in Los Angeles.
A: Man, there sure are a lot of LAliens here tonight!
B: This is a Lakers game, you retard.
by kwirk December 01, 2005
What happens when you're riding your bike and you shift gears too fast or incorrectly. (The "chain" comes off the spokes)
Person A: Yo man, don't be ridin' all fast and shiftin' gears like woah, yo' bike is off the chain!
Person B: Word?
by kwirk January 15, 2006
Derrogatory term used for persons or groups who feel their social status is greater than it actually is.
Person 1: What's up with this show? Where's the opening act?
Person 2: They showed up, but left because there weren't enough people here...
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: I dunno...they're rockstars, I guess...
by kwirk May 29, 2005

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