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the result of left over semen drying in a woman's hair without her knowing it's there.
in the movie 'there's something about mary' cameron diaz had a Cumquwatt in her hair.
by kwil15 June 01, 2010
the act of sticking a entire hand in someones rectum with the thumb inserted in the vagina wearing the person like a mitt.
it's hard to find a girl who will let you give her a filthy mitt.
by kwil15 June 02, 2010
picking up a girl that is way below your standards because all you want is to get laid with minimal amount of work.
jack and i went out to pick up last night but just ended up racoon trapping swamp donkeys.

everytime we go to the bar jack is the racoon trapper.
by kwil15 June 02, 2010
someone who is generally not a bad person but, when added to a turdhurder (ringleader) they become mindless douche bags.
Joey and johnny were just fine untill jack showed up to turdhurd them. what stupid shit sheeps

shit sheep
by kwil15 June 03, 2010
someone with a generally obnoxious personality that cause problems where ever they go. Usually a loud talker and will always have a few friends (shit sheep) around them.
fuck, That turdhurder Joe and his shit sheep are here they're so loud. let's leave.
by kwil15 June 03, 2010
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