37 definitions by kwang

a chick with big tits transformed into a fish by the Greek god Poseidon or the Roman god Neptune.
There's no difference between Poseidon and Neptune.
by kwang June 09, 2003
A fruit with juices that can cause prolonged erections
After I bit into a papaya, I realized that Playboy is a waste of money and I can just buy papayas to make my penis go up longer.
by kwang June 09, 2003
Mashed potatoes mixed with whole fat milk
There are so many fat people nowadays because they ate too much ice cream when they were little.
by kwang June 05, 2003
A device that prevents pregnancy. You can go buy one and live in it for a very low price, but only because they are effective 97% of the time.
Jace Treat lives in a condo(m) with Katriece Zar.
by kwang June 10, 2003
Poop that comes out of your penis
Penis poop came out of my penis.
by kwang June 05, 2003
The imaginary figures surrounding an idiotic person
I am your worst enemy! MUAHAHAHAHA!
by kwang June 08, 2003
life sexual
I'm biosexual! Screw bisexuality!
by kwang June 17, 2003
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