37 definitions by kwang

renroc spelled backwards
the peoples? they were dyslexic so they pronounced it corner when they should have pronounced it renroc
by kwang May 22, 2003
The dark skin between the penis and the asshole
You are a chode!
by kwang July 18, 2003
The study of homosexuality.
My dad is a homosexuologist. He studies homosexuality.
by kwang June 12, 2003
The boring color which Urban Dictionary recently turned into.
Urban Dictionary is now orange?! Holy crap, it used to be blue!
by kwang April 25, 2003
an inflammation of the vagina. I don't know what inflammation means so I'll just assume that it means on fire.
Help me! My house is burning down and I'm catching vaginitis!
by kwang June 08, 2003
weird, in a gay way
Hey, that rhymes!
by kwang June 08, 2003
a homosexual telephone
The telephone raped my ass last night because it was gay.
by kwang June 08, 2003

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