37 definitions by kwang

A phrase I made up that has been proven to be ineffective
See above
by kwang May 21, 2003
A question
The answer is yes.
by kwang June 04, 2003
to not be able to see
Louis Braille was blind.
by kwang June 05, 2003
A large cat
by kwang June 25, 2003
the French mispronunciation of peanut butter
Just because I eat penis butter doesn't mean I'm a fuckin' cocksucker.
by kwang June 09, 2003
plagiarizing from MANY different sources
I did my research by plagiarizing.
by kwang June 06, 2003
a bird that can not fly but it can swim very well in extremely cold conditions
Batman has an enemy called Penguin.
by kwang July 18, 2003

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