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The WWE's attempt at resurrecting ECW under Vince's control. WWECW will never be as good as what ECW used to be.
"I remember ECW. But this WWECW on Tuesday is nowhere near as good as when Paul ran it."
#wwe #ecw #the sandman #tommy dreamer #wwf
by kuro musha July 03, 2006
A quick response when someone is telling a story (lie) about anything (usually about fish or sex).
Poser: "Dude, I was at this party and I hooked up with three of the cheerleaders from school! You should have been there!"

Dude: "Oh fisherman's tale. You couldn't hook up with any of the geeks as opposed to three of the cheerleader. Poser."
#lie #liar #fish #sex #story #poser #party #alcohol
by kuro musha August 09, 2006
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