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generally bad for one or both of the paticipating countries
elmo like free trade, elmo assembled by cheap chinese labour!
by kung fu karl July 01, 2005
some one who has wasted their life, or during their life never acheived any thing worthy of proper recognision. do some thing with your life.
good word to describe 50 cent
"idiot, some one better could be living that life, faggot!!!"
by kung fu karl August 16, 2005
some one who watches their ud submission to see if it gets rated and/or votes thumbs up for their own word
yes 1 thumbs up vote to 500 thumbs down, oh wait that vote was my own, shit i feel underpriviledged
by kung fu karl August 10, 2005
why are you looking this up? you must be friggin' stupid if you can't figure out what it means.
yuck fou idiot!!!
what you dont know what it means?
not knowing what it means = idiot
by kung fu karl August 20, 2005
lazy people use this in msn talk rather than saying th. extremely lazy people use it in civilised conversations
"what th hell kind of lazy-msn-people-speak word is that?"
by kung fu karl August 16, 2005
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