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Becoming a proper well functioning dingle-berry is no easy task. A strong and good-sized dingle-berry is the result of the right and almost perfect balance of key elements: cheap toilet paper, human faeces and of course a strong and thick group of crack hairs to grab itself on to, then the right amount of pressure and thrusting must be applied to the dingle-berry region (or your crack) during the process commonly known as ass whipping, only then, will someone enjoy the pleasures of a pack of healthy dingle-berries and use them at will.

Dingle-Berry's Rejects are those that weren't lucky enough, and ended up small, alone, no hairs to dingle from. They are a nomad tribe, they originate on our crack, first they hang out with proper dingle-berries, eventually these two separate, the rejects fall from your crack to your underwear, there they can spend an undetermined amount of time depending on your personal cleaning habits, hours, days even weeks, but in most cases is short, from your underwear, to the bathroom and to the trash, the lucky ones may travel as far as your shoes or your mamma's kitchen floor.

They also suffer the pains of an unbalanced nature, some are more faeces than paper or vice-versa. Why does one dingle-berry is destined to a great journey and another to be rejected to the perils of a nomad life is still a mystery of nature. One can say they are different but none is better than the other, and to call them 'Rejects' is a matter of language and custom.
john: man i took off my underwear at my girlfriend's and drop a bunch of dingle-berry rejects all over the carpet, what a shame.

david: man i tell you you have to change toilet paper, get the ultra soft with aloe and your problems will be resolved. one bad thing though say goodbye too to proper dingle-berries.
by kunawaro December 09, 2010
Is a nasty bitch that likes to invite men and women to take a dump at her house, she intentionally provides you with low quality toilet paper and has a sign that says "please wet the paper before whipping", to make sure the victim builds enough and proper dingle berries, as the victim leaves the toilet she is waiting outside with her sharp nails usually with shiny red polish ready to turn you around pull your underwear down and give you the most painful pull you ever experienced, with her teeth clenched and her eyes maniacally fixed on your crack, she rapidly inserts her open hand on your ass grabs as a many dingle berries as she can and finally proceeds to pull very hard. She draws pleasure of feeling the hairs breaking out of your crack and the sensation of having a handful of dingleberries, she can hardly make a fist. If the dingleberry puller whore is in extreme rage she indulges in stuffing the mouth of her victim with the extracted berries and to kick the victims crack with her also shiny red hills.
Seth: Jack you remember Susan from Marketing?

Jack: the one with the shiny red nails and hills right?

Seth:she is a dingleberry puller whore, my advice, never take a dump at her's.
by kunawaro December 07, 2010

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