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is a funny, unique character, puts the G in gangster, or thug, has a big *ick to keep his pants from saggin, is part of the 3G'S a top secret service, well respected. Loves banging doggystyle. Likes rap, drum & bass, trance, kunt, azz, bj's , anal foreplay, gettin blown, garth is a mutha effin rockstar.
Oh my, garth your so huge!!

Cynthia: "Hey!!! whos that cute gay boy?"
Crystal: umm that would be Garth.
Cynthia: wow is he ever cute.
Crystal: yeah isn't he ever cute.
Cynthia: would you?
Crystal: ive already been there girl. Hes hung like a horse!!!
by kum*Star June 20, 2010

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