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a kinder way of telling someone to "fuck off", was first used in the book "Kes", but popularised in the british tv series "porridge", a comedy series about a prison and its occupants. Norman Stanley Fletcher used it constantly as a way of getting around tv censorship.
got any snouts fletch?,,, Naff off your erk no I aint!
#fuck off #piss off #do one #princess anne #porridge #fletcher
by kulucriss January 05, 2008
A small Indiginous flea that lives up the anus of most Americans, can somtimes be found in England, the one expelled during a visit to England by George Bush was never found but it probably evolved into a Politician.
Hey, I'm sure that there Tony Blair is the Spawn of a Rectomite coz every time he sees George W Bush he tries to return to his ancestrol roots, the fucking Twat!
#anal #aldi #marmite #scat #shitter #shit #tony #blair
by kulucriss August 26, 2007
Very similar in texture to Marmite but tastes slighty better
This Marmite tastes like the Aldi version of most stuff you buy there, its Rectomite"
#anal #aldi #marmite #scat #shitter #shit
by kulucriss August 26, 2007
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