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Someone that has kinky looking glasses and a bushy beard. Typically long and skinny. Also called an Ingvard in some Scandinavian countries.

Pronounced "hoo'hoo"
A hwhw just moved in next door", "you mean an Ingvard?
by kukkarinhey June 02, 2010
Primarily used to substitute the word "cigarette."

The word has been used for quite some time in the Faroe Islands. And is very common in the central region of the islands, but has also spread throughout the smaller villages.
Shall we go out and have a smoke? .. have a Gertari?

In Faroese (different grammatical situations):
- "Skulu vit fara út at Gerta?" "Hevur tú Gertarir?"
- "Hald líka Gertaran hjá mær!"
- "Hygg! ein Gertari!"
by kukkarinhey June 02, 2010
The act of "Boogy Dance", is when a couple of people ambush a selected victim and dryhump him/her in a form of a dance, shaking the arms in an upright position and making seductive facial expressions.
Hey look! That girl's hot, let's Boogy Dance her!
by kukkarinhey June 08, 2010

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