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9 millions inhabitants, slightly smaller than California and France. Easily the best country in the world. Original home of PirateBay, ThatAnnoyingThing, Victoria Silvstedt, In Flames, Opeth, ABBA, Ericsson, Volvo, SAAB, Björn Borg, Fäbojäntan, Sven-Göran Ericsson, Zlatan and myself. But I live in Ireland now. FU. You need 4.5 years of education to sell ice cream in Sweden.

The people are tall and usually NOT blonde! All Swedes are interested in surfing internet, except the stupid people, all of them become politicians. The country is secretly run by the charismatic King Carl Gustaf Bernadotte the XVI, who has two HAWT daughters.

Sweden has not been in a war for 200 years, mainly because Hitl3r liked us and wanted to use Sweden's iron for fortified cereals and railroads to attack Finland and Norway.

Since Sweden has the most developed internet access combined liberal regulations we probably have the most pr0n in the world.
sweden r0xx0r my b0XX0r
by kukenerik July 22, 2006

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