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The act of nailing a female then waiting until she is snoring/sleeping and then gathering your shit and getting the fuck out of there!
Güntherß Müllard: I sweet talked a girl all week, told her how good I was in every way, the sucker fell for it. Hit n run. High 5!

Harry Peterson: Hit n run. Nice work comrade!

Güntherß Müllard: She even text me after she realised I'd gone to say 'nice. x'!

Harry Peterson: High 5!
by ku esor hit n run team XD August 20, 2009
The act on screwing a fine bird (or pig) then telling all your mates.
When Güntherß Müllard had sexual liaisons with a sexy female he proceeded to tell his mates.

This is how you Roast n Boast:

Güntherß Müllard: Yh I nailed that goth chick at the weekend!

Harry Peterson: you can't stop roasting and boasting!
by ku esor hit n run team XD September 10, 2009
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