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The Whitest school in the United States. Extremely over priced tuition. Were rich over-privilged New Jersey kids attend college. Easy classes, social circles and cliques that are high school like. You have to go off campus to have any sort of fun. Girls here(even the minority girls) only go for white guys unless you're an athlete. People avoid friendship, conversation, eye contant with people who are different then them. Perfect place to go if you want to avoid contact with other cultures.
I drive from Monmouth University up to Rutgers every Thursday night because I actually want to have a fun night.
by ku November 03, 2004
1. A whore
2. Gay on Tuesday
3. to "pull a pobert" is to be a whore
Yo dudes. It's pobert.

Shit, monty just pulled a pobert on that girl.
by ku January 09, 2005

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