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On September 23, 1994 Texas, A new law was created in fear of a newborn child named "Alexandria G." Law states, "At no time from this point, may Alexandria ever travel into a mall, amusement park, water park, miniature golf course, or movie theater. If accompanied by a parent or adult, the other party including the previously named is held accountable for their actions in the stated locations."
(TRS 335:12.08)

Although now a fugitive, Alexandria and her cohorts travel to malls and other public areas causing all sorts of noise and disturbance including but not limited to: Giggling, spitting, loud burps, uncontrollable laughter, pointing at people and laughing, and checking out cute guys.

In recent years, the law has been amended in the state of Texas, now this includes all teenage and tweenage females in a mall. Amendment a states: "No group of girls under the age of 18 may gather together in a mall, park, or area where they may cause public disturbance. Fewer than 5 is considered a group and no more than 2 together would be acceptable."

Any violation of this law in the state of Texas is you do not, pass go, you do not get 200$, you go straight to jail until you roll doubles or bribe the warden with fitty dollas...
*Giggle giggle giggle* You're under arrest in violation of Alex's Law.

Fugitives include:

All females in texas that talk and yell way too loud in malls.
by ktownrider July 25, 2011
Hick ups are a typo found by a grammar nazi that points out stupidity. Only dumb blondes spell it this way.

Hick ups are also for people that can't spell hiccup. These people may be high school dropouts that are born in the northwest.
I have had like hick ups 10 times today. I should not have eaten you're sausage so fast
by ktownrider October 09, 2014

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