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3 definitions by kto0517

Hot Ass Respectable Lady

She's kind of like a hab (Hot Ass Bitch) but she is somebody you can approach to have a intelligent conversation while still admiring her body.
I met this really cool girl at the bar last night. I got her number and we are going out to dinner tonight. She is such a harl.
by kto0517 October 19, 2011
18 1
Cute Ass Bitch

similar to a HAB (hot ass bitch) and a harl (hot ass respectable lady)
I met this nice girl at work today. She was fun to talk to and didn't look too bad either. What a cab.
by kto0517 October 27, 2011
20 5
Perfect Vision Down the Blouse
I saw a really good looking woman at the park today. When she went to pick up her keys off the ground, I had PVDB
by kto0517 May 14, 2013
1 0