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Someone that has mastered the art of homocaveing his gay lover.

What is a homocave you ask? Well first, you need at least two men. After fucking one guy in the ass to stretch him out, the man inserts his fist into the ass of the other man. After fistfucking him for a while, he pulls out his hand which will leave a gaping hole known as the homocave.

There are many variations of the homocave, including the flooded homocave. After the homocave is created, a series of 10+ horny men will ejaculate into the gapage filling it up with semen. This usually leads to the famous homoshake which somelike like Xazmit would eagerly do like the cum hungry slut he is.

After giving his lover a huge flooded homocave and drinking the homoshake out of it, Xazmit enjoys squatting over the gaping homocave and shitting into it. This is known as the coal filled homocave. Finally, Xazmit lays down while his lover flushes out the homocave onto Xazmit's face.
Valkress: Man, I pulled a Xazmit on Gimpbinda last night
Kedern2223: WTF you cheated on me?!
Valkress: I couldn't fit my head in his ass like I can with you though. Will you forgive me?
Kedern2223: Of course dear, I kept the basketball in my ass to preserve the gapage for you. Now lube up your head and shove it in my gaping anus.
by kthxcruisemissle December 20, 2004

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