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3 definitions by kt mack

a hot and sexy kind of music that turns miss katie on when she hears it....is most hot when it comes from the bass in a car
i am so horny now...damn i love that bump bump music!
by kt mack March 11, 2005
omg the biggest whore hopper in the world but i love him anyway....he is such a sweetheart and i miss him so much...he also use to live with my "big brother" (look up futch )
drue why do you get mad at me when i call you a whore?....its the truth!hehe
by kt mack March 11, 2005
the sweetest guy in the world who is like a brother to me and i also use to live close to him but now i moved but i still will never forget my big brother futcharoo!!!
damn...look at futch smoke that dutch
by kt mack March 11, 2005