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1. Frozen precipitation that is white, powdered and falls to the ground in winter.

2. Static on the TV.

3. Coke or cocaine.

4. A white Canadian rapper who had a hit in 1992 with the reggae influenced Informer.

5. White girls.
1. Snow is traditionally something people want to see at Christmas, but any other time of the year they see it as a real pain in the ass.

2. We couldn't pick up the TV station on the using the antenna. we got nothing but snow.

3. Damn, we got busted by the po-po's fo snow.

4. Is Snow related to that guy from the Barenaked Ladies?

5. Let's go pick up some snow to bang if you get my drift.
by kstar8706 March 24, 2005
The largest homebuilder in the city of Atlanta.
I'm one of the few people who live in the city of Atlanta that did not have your house built by the Habitat For Humanity.
by kstar8706 March 24, 2005
The Recording Industry Association of America. The music industry's own modern day version of J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy. Much like the two aforementioned men, the RIAA systematically ruins the lives of helpless people (e.g. kids, college students, poor people). The only difference is instead of naming them Communists because of personal beliefs, they sue the shit out of them to the point of no return for downloading a song for free instead of buying an overpriced CD with that one good song on it and 12 other crappy ones.
This may be an exaggeration, but 20 years from now when 90% of the country is living in housing projects, trailer parks, or even wondering the street homeless, we will all remember it was because the RIAA sued the crap out of some 6 million college students, forcing them to drop out because they couldn't pay their tuition due to the lawsuits. Now they are all doing low paying manual labor jobs because they have nothing to their name.
by kstar8706 March 24, 2005

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