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Female version of a chav
typical chavette ;
failed curly hair with so much mousse it looks wet & greasy
a tracksuit
orange foundation, badly applied
shiny pouting fish lips
usually fat
a coat/waistcoat with a fluffy hood
an inabilty to speak english
"bling bling"

basically chavs & chavettes walk (well you can't really call it walking) round thinking they're "so ard", spitting on the floor and smoking and starting a fight with any random passer-by.
chavette ; orriteee bbz gt me a new adidas trckiie 2 go wv ma burberry cap init gna gt fckiin smshd outa ma hedd den stab sum rndomer cs iim ard lyk dat!11!

me ; stfu.
by ksekid July 28, 2008

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