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come back to when someone asks "What's up?"
Chris: "Hey man, what's up?"
Taylor: "your mom's legs!!!!!!"..."OHHHHH!!!!!"
by krystophoria July 01, 2011
A contration of two words: "What's up" and "Fool" used at the beginning of an interaction. This is used when the spoken party is so G that he/she won't even pronouce the complete phrase. Also used in conjunction with other slurs.
Chris: "Suhfah, did you see tha' shit fah?"

Taylor: "Hell yea'! tha' shit be G, fah!"
by krystophoria July 14, 2011
It's when you been sitting for a long periods of time(in a warm climate, warm room, etc...) and acne develops on your ass.
"Dude, I finally finished that game!" said C.
"Oh, yeah? How long did it take?" asked T.
"Just over 9 hours,...Oh Shit!" replied C.
"What?" asked T.
"Damn it!...I know I'll have zitass tomorrow!" said C.
by krystophoria February 18, 2014

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