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A person who takes a picture of their genitalia, with their camera phone, and texts it to a random cell phone number in their current area code in hopes of a mathematical probability that some girl will find him interesting and texts back for a hookup.
I was so pathetic last night I was pulling a Brett Farve and some old man now wants to kick my ass.
by krusty123 December 13, 2010
When someone screws you over and within a short amount of time gets screwed over as well.
That ass clown hit my car, and tried to drive off. A cop pulls him over a half mile away and tickets the jackass for hit and run. Welcome to the great circle of fuck.
by krusty123 May 30, 2010
A person who was a duche bag earlier in his life and tries to prevent others from becoming one or having relations with others who might be a duche bag by means of advice and/or guidance
Ex#1) (Younger Male Friend) Dude this expensive Lacrosse shirt will look insane on me.

(Recovering Duche Bag) Come on man, you do not need a $150 shirt to get girls you'll look like a duch bag. I should know im a recovering duche bag.

(Ex#2)(Recovering Duche Bag) You should not go out this frat boy.

(Girl) Why not?

(Recovering Duche Bag) He's duche bag and only wants in your delicates. I should know i'm a recovering duche bag.
by krusty123 May 31, 2010

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