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1) Air coming out of your butthole sometimes accompanied with feces when you have the flu.
2) An excellent yet extremely funny way to get rid of a blind date or just a person you don't know or like in that matter.
3) A good reason to make fun of someone.
4) A good reason to be friends with someone.
5) The possibilities are endless!
Gosh where to start?
Well first off farting is a great way to find things out about your friends. Try saying "hey i just farted" then watch to see if their nostrils flare up. you will automatically know if your friend is a fart-sniffer.
Second: farting can be used as jokes. For example "Question: why do farts smell?" "Answer: that's easy, farts smell because that way the def people can enjoy them too!!"
by Krusty Fordola July 28, 2003
1) Food and/or other substances you already have eaten (along with the wonderful stomach acid) coming back up and out of your throat and mouth
2) Really really gross and smelly.
3) barfing causes others to barf around you.
"Man that tuna, peanut butter, mayonaise, relish, and honey sandwich i just ate made me throw up"
by Krusty Fordola July 28, 2003
1) one of the kewlest girls on the face of this earth DUH!!
2) person who is really gewd at guitar and soccer.
dude #1: "hey man do you know that tiarra ivazes girl?"
dude #2: "no"
dude#1: "dude man, if you don't then you're just a retard."
by krusty fordola October 13, 2003
u guys are dumb if you think he's not kewl. i forget what his name supposed to mean in some other language but i think it's like god praise the beef or something. now if having a name that means that isn't kewl, well then i don't know what is.
I would gladly let the aliens take me away if they all looked like shia labeouf.
by krusty fordola October 09, 2003
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