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1. The most finley polished form of the word "sweet".

2. Commonly used when describing any drug or drug effect.

3. Inspired from pig-latin but varying the orginal format for an aesthetic pleasing sound, with a more catchy tone.

4. Pro-nounced "eetsways" like "feet" without the "f". and the word "sways" all in one.
clements and danger dan are you feeling that, we're fucking peaking...eetswayssss
by kron-ic September 08, 2007
1.More immaculate than the word hectic. To be used as a greater finer form of the entity and meaning of hectic.

2.Hectose is usually accompanied by the adjective "mad" in a sentence, to give a greater meaning.

3.Hectose may be pro-nounced "Hec - dozze" to create a stressing on the letter "s". By doing this, one can add heightened sense of meaning to the original word "hectose".
myles lad those cones were hectose.
ethells bed is looking mad hectose, because we're fucken baked.
by kron-ic September 08, 2007

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