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431 definitions by krock1dk

Infatuation almost can equate to lust. It is NOT love nor being in-love, however both usually start off as an infatuation. Infatuation is only an attraction for another person based only on what you initially see and not what you know about them. You do NOT know that person yet. It is only an attraction to someone based on what you WANT them to be verses who they really are. Infatuation turns to true love or being "in love" when you have accepted that person for who they are: their background, their weaknesses, their strengths, their character, their spirit, their values, their spirituality, where they are going in life, etc.

To prove the difference between infatuation and love is this: infatuation is what leads to the wedding but it is love that begins when the honeymoon is over and you discover the TRUE person you have married after your disagreements.
Infatuation has N OTHING to do with love because you know hardly anything about that person. It's only a form of immiature "puppy love" that occurs in high school. Infatuation does not last, while love does.
by krock1dk December 15, 2007
The playground for the ultra rich and famous and identified by its palmtree-lined streets, sunshine and attrocious property values. A city of about 30,000 residents almost completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles between Hollywood/West Hollywood to the east, Bel-Air to the West, Westwood and the campus of UCLA to the south and the Hollywood Hills to the north. Some of its most famous streets include Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd., and Doheny Drive. Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Hills Hotel are probably its two most famous icons. B.H. is the world's capital of plastic surgery, bods and beamers. Its rich, arrogant, pretencious pricks can be frequently seen in their sunglasses driving an expensive car while talking on their cellphone.
Beverly Hills is a hideout for the rich and famous. Perhaps that's why the city has so many rehab clinics for Hollywood stars.
by krock1dk September 14, 2007
The source of most propaganda in the media and a joke of a cable news network. It has been criticized for its lame, one-sided reporting, and is so biased that it could never be mistaken for real news. MSNBC frequently engages in character assassination of anyone it disagrees with and even demonizes other networks, especially the Fox News Channel. Its journalists repeatedly take peoples words out of context to put a liberal spin on everything. Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz are the worst of the worst. MSNBC mocks Republicans, Conservatives, the Christian right, rich Americans, poor Americans, conservative talk radio and Americans with traditional values. MSNBC can't be taken seriously in anything it reports. Even liberal media outlets like the NY Times and LA Times don't consider MSNBC a credible source. MSNBCs ratings are so low that it has to air repeats of shows like Hidden Camera: Caught on Tape and To Catch a Predator, just to compete with the mediocre networks.

Its parent company of NBC Universal should take MSNBC off the air and stop wasting the airwaves with its nonsense. MSNBC is sad.
Working for MSNBC is the fastest way for any journalist to kill their career. People want news, not propaganda.
by krock1dk March 26, 2012
Where you live when you dont want to live in the inner city. It's a place of mostly middle-class homes, Walmart, soccer moms, SUVs, strip malls and the homes of corporate bigwigs. Suburbs in the United States began to spring up during the post WWII years as families left the central cities for a quieter, safer and more relaxed lifestyle. However some suburbs are just as poor as the inner-city itself. According to the US census, the number of persons living in the suburbs now outnumbers those in the central cities.
Most Americans would probably rather live in a suburb than in the crime-infested inner city.
by krock1dk March 31, 2009
1. Trying to get to home plate with a girl but can’t even get to first base.

2. Wanting to date a girl but she won’t even give you any attention

3. Continuously getting turned down by the opposite sex

4. Seeing all of your friends getting married while you can’t even meet someone who likes you back

5. When your friends/family have a life and you don’t

6. Hearing of all your friend’s successes when you have nothing but failures

7. When your friends are getting everything in life when you cant even get the smallest thing

8. Being on the freeway during rush hour

9. The feeling you get when you hear your taxes are going up again
My life is nothing but a giant frustration--nothing less and nothign more. I don't understand it.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007
A corporate fatcat who is sent to Washington to manipulate politicians with money benefiting their industry
a lobbyist is the single-most disgusting vermin in the US next to the politicians.
by krock1dk August 12, 2007
1. Where you can proudly "moon" your new "honey" in private after the wedding--hence the word.

2. What I will never have because women don't like me.

3. Utter bliss where a brand-new, nieve married couple goes to consumate their marriage and have a giant 7-day orgy, without feeling guilty anymore. You shut the door and don’t ever come out.

4. You better enjoy it, because it’s the best and perhaps last time you will have sex if you remain married to each other.

5. The last time a couple has sex.
When you are young, your honeymoon is Niagra. Fifty years later, its viagra.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007