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A delightful movie, released in 1994, starring Tom Hanks as Forest Gump, a simple-minded southern gentlemen from Alabama with a speech impetiment and a low IQ (75), who tells his life story while waiting for a bus to visit an old friend. Gump cares about only three things: his momma (Sally Field), his life-long love and friend Jenny, and ping pong. Even though he isn’t very smart, his life was a giant adventure and filled with many memorable experiences. Some of his experiences include meeting Elvis; breaking records playing football for the Alabama Crimson Tide; being shot at in Vietnam, meeting President JFK; playing ping pong in China; witnessing the Watergate burglary; starting a fishing business called Bubba Gump Shrimp with Leutenant Dan, who he served with in Vietnam; and running from coast to coast. Near the movie’s end, it is revealed that he is waiting for the bus to visit Jenny after a long separation, where he learns that the two have a son. Forest and Jenny marry where Leutenant Dan shows up. Jenny dies near the end and leaves Forest a widower. “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get” was the movie’s key theme.
Forrest Gump is filled with laughs and tears and won an Oscar in 1995.
by krock1dk January 16, 2009
A large South American country with extremely hot women. South America's largest country and 5th largest in the world by area and population with like 180 million people. Brazilia is the capital but Sao Paulo and Rio are the largest cities. Brazil is known for its jungles, the Amazon rainforest, its vast interior, enormous cultural diversity, and not to mention enormous poverty. Sao Paulo is the 4th largest single city in the world with a metro population almost equal to New York’s.
Brazil is a big, beautiful country with hot women and hot beaches.
by krock1dk April 01, 2008
The source of most propaganda in the media and a joke of a cable news network. It has been criticized for its lame, one-sided reporting, and is so biased that it could never be mistaken for real news. MSNBC frequently engages in character assassination of anyone it disagrees with and even demonizes other networks, especially the Fox News Channel. Its journalists repeatedly take peoples words out of context to put a liberal spin on everything. Chris Matthews and Ed Shultz are the worst of the worst. MSNBC mocks Republicans, Conservatives, the Christian right, rich Americans, poor Americans, conservative talk radio and Americans with traditional values. MSNBC can't be taken seriously in anything it reports. Even liberal media outlets like the NY Times and LA Times don't consider MSNBC a credible source. MSNBCs ratings are so low that it has to air repeats of shows like Hidden Camera: Caught on Tape and To Catch a Predator, just to compete with the mediocre networks.

Its parent company of NBC Universal should take MSNBC off the air and stop wasting the airwaves with its nonsense. MSNBC is sad.
Working for MSNBC is the fastest way for any journalist to kill their career. People want news, not propaganda.
by krock1dk March 26, 2012
Intrusive government policies in Europe and recently the United States, designed to legislate morality and social behavior, assuming the state knows best what constitutes such, in the goal of essentially protecting people from the obvious consequences of their own stupid and destructive behaviors. Therefore, the central government believes it has the comprehensive and moral duty to protect the citizenry from itself. A derogatory term used in reference to intrusive political policies where the government has an excessive desire to govern and control society in the name of “protection.” When the central government of countries goes from being a governing body to a regulatory power and social caretaker, that engages in social protectionism and economic intervensionism, to control you from the womb to the tomb and instituionalizes them as common practice.

Opponents of such policies use the term in their advocacy against what they consider as uninvited and damaging state meddling in social affairs. The nanny state burdens people with high taxes and numerous government regulations to totally control our lives and make us more dependant on government, in its quest for more power. In practice, it assumes the citizenry is stupid and that intrusive legislation is mandatory to protect people from themselves.

The term can refer to:
1. public health interventions such as disease surveillance, quarantines, mandatory or government-subsidized vaccinations, food labeling regulations, school lunch programs, and water fluoridation
2. consumer protectionism that removes or controls otherwise free choices such as helmet and seatbelt laws, anti-smoking laws, eating and drinking laws, high taxes on junkfood, and other laws regarding personal choice
3. regulation and intervention of national economic and social policies.

The nanny state is criticized by Conservatives and libertarians, who object to excessive legislation and restrictions to citizens free-choice, to protect people from the obvious consequences of their stupid actions. Liberals, on the other hand, have used the term to describe the state as being excessive in its protections of businesses and the business class —protections made against the public good, and the good of consumers.

Nanny-state actions and legislations: consumer product warning labels, mandatory helmet and seatbelt laws, bans on public smoking (to the point of even banning it in your own home or in the car), cell-phone restrictions while driving, high taxes on junk food, laws against recreational drug use, gun control, a legal smoking or drinking age, censorship (FCC), workfroce safety regulations (OSHA), laws against cock fighting or dog fighting, consumer product regulations, laws regulating performance-enhancing drugs of athletes, and having to have a license to baby-sit, to name a few.

A common criticism of nanny state policies is that they are less concerned with the welfare of citizens, than with preventing litigation and promoting the careers of politicians.

America has become nothing but a society of too many government regualtions and litigations, essentially making it a Nanny State, because no one has common sense anymore, and the government thinks it is their duty to protect the citizenry from itself and the obvious consequences of its own destructive behavior.
by krock1dk February 14, 2009
The playground for the ultra rich and famous and identified by its palmtree-lined streets, sunshine and attrocious property values. A city of about 30,000 residents almost completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles between Hollywood/West Hollywood to the east, Bel-Air to the West, Westwood and the campus of UCLA to the south and the Hollywood Hills to the north. Some of its most famous streets include Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd., and Doheny Drive. Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Hills Hotel are probably its two most famous icons. B.H. is the world's capital of plastic surgery, bods and beamers. Its rich, arrogant, pretencious pricks can be frequently seen in their sunglasses driving an expensive car while talking on their cellphone.
Beverly Hills is a hideout for the rich and famous. Perhaps that's why the city has so many rehab clinics for Hollywood stars.
by krock1dk September 14, 2007
Tricky Dick. President of the US from 1969-1974. He is most remembered for the Watergate scandal. He is labeled by many as being a crook but was not directly involved in the scandal itself. His only wrong doing was wiretapping and covering up his findings and not cooperating with the FBI. With the threat of impeachment, he resigned in disgrace 1974. He was a good President actually. He warmed relations with China and tried to improve the economy and the war in Vietnam. His tenure as President was average at worst. If it weren’t for Watergate, he would probably be considered a very good President.
Richard Nixon gets a bad rap for being corrupt but was way less so than most politicians today.
by krock1dk August 07, 2007
1. Trying to get to home plate with a girl but can’t even get to first base.

2. Wanting to date a girl but she won’t even give you any attention

3. Continuously getting turned down by the opposite sex

4. Seeing all of your friends getting married while you can’t even meet someone who likes you back

5. When your friends/family have a life and you don’t

6. Hearing of all your friend’s successes when you have nothing but failures

7. When your friends are getting everything in life when you cant even get the smallest thing

8. Being on the freeway during rush hour

9. The feeling you get when you hear your taxes are going up again
My life is nothing but a giant frustration--nothing less and nothign more. I don't understand it.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007

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