15 definitions by kristi

Combination of wimp and pussy.
He wouldn't go talk to the girl, what a wus.
by Kristi August 15, 2004
To talk/start shit about someone.
"why you gotta hootbang on my shit? i know its bootleg!"
by Kristi November 16, 2003
n. A term (usually employed by gay or bisexual women) to describe a woman (lesbian or heterosexual) who is high maintenance and/or very girly. May also be used in reference to a woman's style.
Beyonce' is so femmetastic, always in a damn dress.
by kristi September 21, 2004
The Italian word for "Penis"
Wow, that guy sure has a gigantic Mingia
by Kristi January 11, 2004
a city/hometown, in America
a baller from shy town
by Kristi October 19, 2004
1.To support or establish the certainty or validity of; verify.
2. To come into or be in accord, as of opinion:
"is krista's body bangin?"
1. "f'sho durti.."
"yo, krista's body is BANGIN!!"
2. "f'SHO durti!!!"
by Kristi November 16, 2003
Nipples, the things on the top of tits
"Peter Berishaj licked my NipNaps all night"
by Kristi January 10, 2004
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