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synonym of crap/shit
anything unpleasant/bad/upsetting
can be used in the same context as "dead"
other forms of the word include : "linty", "linted" and "linter" (anyone who causes lint situations)
can be used to express most negative emotions
"Oh you wanna to that rave tomorrow?"
"Nah bruv, its gonna be lint"
#shit #crap #dead #boring #nasty
by krispykreme69 September 03, 2009
synonym of jammming/relaxing
inhabiting a state of complete relaxation
feeling care-free and relaxed
time usually spent in the company of friends and often achieved by taking drugs such as weed and cannabis
popular amongst british teenagers
when beeing people tend to act uncharacteristically and often find themselves regretting their actions the next morning
"what you doing tonight?"
"Just beeing"
#weed #cannabis #jamming #relax #drugs
by krispykreme69 September 03, 2009
an interesting twist on your usual threesome
The 2 is a women and 9 is a guy licking your asshole while the 4 is analing the 9

9 can be anyone guy or girl

the numbers are used to symolised the shapes made by the bodies of the people involved
"can we try out a 294? im bored"
#sex #threesomes #anal #licking out #group sex
by krispykreme69 September 03, 2009
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