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A band from Jacksonville, Fla. that got noticed with their EP The Wizard of Ahhs which included "I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you." This made them big in England causing their first CD to debut fifth.

However, what makes this band intersting is that thier lead singer is black and he's singing like the Jonas Brothers or The Kooks (in the whiny pay attention to me way). Of course the lyrics are a lot more...interesting...than those two bands (You would not hope your sixteen year old daughter listens to them). The band becomes more interesting when you realize the back-up vocals are done by the lead singer's sister. In addition to having a couple black people mocking white culture, the band features a couple white guys on bass and drums. But what does it mean??!!

They mix a couple genres of music but you're probably uninterested by know so I'll just say they're sort of into the dance rock type thing.

Band- Reggie and Ali Youngblood, Kevin Snow (Yeah he's white) owen holmes and dawn watley (thier white female keyboardist, she sings back-ups with Ali. How could I forget her, not being sarcastic)
Did you see Black Kids on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?
by krisish September 26, 2008

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