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2 definitions by krisenthia

The act of spooning an unwilling participant i.e., a misguided boy who is spooning a half-passed out girl because he thinks this may magically lead to scoring with her later.
During the party, I laid down on the hotel bed and almost passed out when I suddenly felt the length of a warm body pressed up against my back. Since I was drunk off my ass, all I could do was scootch over and make pre-vomiting retched out noises to scare the spoonraper away, and then call some friends over to guard my back.
by krisenthia August 16, 2007
36 2
effectively used as a comeback, especially when written due to the economical use of letters.
Stever: "I can't believe how much cuter you are than me. You're stupid."

Krisenthia: "sozeurface"

Stever: dumbfounded "oh, UH!"
by krisenthia December 31, 2007
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