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3 definitions by kris hameister

a tomboyish lesbian with a great affinity for sports; a lesbian who plays on varsity sports teams
1: Yeah, she plays varsity basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track
2: Yeah, dude, total varsidyke.
by Kris Hameister June 03, 2007
7 2
usually in reference to a spaz attack with utlra hyper, seizure like squealing and and jumping
jessica went into hyperspazium at the sight of shiny ribbons
by kris hameister December 14, 2006
5 0
staring at a single point on a wall or the floor for an extremely long time and, accidentally or not, blocking out all sound around you
damn, kris, pay attention to the problem on the board and quit spazzin the wall
by kris hameister December 22, 2006
5 2