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90 definitions by kris

A person who does design. Smarter than you, but nuts
Kasracer knows everything
by Kris April 08, 2003
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really really big -thats all
Kris says, "Damn, Lisa's ass is gigantren!"
by Kris March 19, 2005
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A thing that programs games.
The mishkin just programmed us some pear shooting guns. I hope it adds the super advanced feature soon.
by Kris January 30, 2004
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To confuse. To alter the meaning of. Having to many uses or meanings to use at once. or to scare someonewhen they dont know this word.
I am konfuking myself.
This problem is to konfuked
by Kris July 13, 2003
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something sticky or really sweet
by Kris April 24, 2003
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big eared freak
very offensive remark
ure actin like a dom ryan
by kris April 13, 2005
2 4
a really hot guy of east indian decent
damn that dark skinned guy is soo umrao
by kris April 10, 2005
10 12