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A pickup line, commonly used by members of the male gender, suggesting the desire to have sex with the person being asked.

"A piece" is a shortened form of "A piece of ass"
Baby, you lookin' fine. Can I get a piece?
by Kris April 21, 2004
n. vb. adj. adv. prep.
specific meaning; used to replace almost any word you choose; see example.
The geuoosh geuooshly geuooshed the geuoosh-like geuoosh.
by kris March 02, 2004
To remove all Canadian references from a motion picture filmed in Canada in order to make you perceive it was filmed in the United States.
Bob: Did you fuzz out the license plates and remove all the "aye"s from that film before it airs on the Lifetime Network?

Lisa: Yes, that film was de-canadianized in post-production already.
by Kris November 04, 2007
A killer K can also be one of the most queer men found. (remember he is found in the very gay state of massachuetts) He is so gay that even richard simmons loses in a Gay-off.
The people of Norwell must stay away from Killer K or buy Butt plugs becuase you will feel the wraith of him on your anus.
by Kris March 21, 2005
really really big - thats it
Kris says, "Damn, lisa's ass is gigantrin!"
by Kris March 19, 2005
Very large obease person. They can sometimes be mistaken for a Jumbo Jet. There are several classes of jabungo sized people:

1. jabungo = obease, large, fat.
2. super jabungo = obease times two.
3. super costco sized jabungo = extremely obease.
Holy crap, that chic is super costco sized jabungo!
by Kris August 24, 2004
n. Any awesome female who holds the leash around Kris's soul and goes by the cyber-alias "Jewels."
"Jewels owns me."
by Kris June 26, 2004

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