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Short term for cleveland
So steve whats your favorite local CLE band?
by Kregg October 15, 2003
to physically or mentally need something

people, drugs, video games, pokémon cards
by Kregg October 18, 2003
the blue muppet from sesame street
that throws mass quanitys of cookies at his face in an attempt to eat them
mmm im hungry i want to go cookie monster style and gobble cookies
by Kregg October 18, 2003
a charector that used to host Nickelodeon in the summer time
"write to me, stick stickley, p.o box 963 new york city, new york state, 10108"
by Kregg October 18, 2003
the art of selling out not exatly being an artist at hot topic but the general idea of making your merch cost so much more


to be used jokingly to some one to refer to them as a poser
GUY1: "man i just bought the newest greatest band shirt for only 20 bucks!"
GUY2: "man, you are so hot topic-core"
by Kregg October 15, 2003
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