3 definitions by krazykid933

Common misspelling of the French word derrière which refers to the buttocks.
Don't be hating because my derrière (dairy air) is bigger than yours.
by krazykid933 August 29, 2010

Derived from "lime green jello" said by Megan Fox in the movie "Jennifer's Body".
Person 1: "FWD: Do you even love me? Because right now it really doesn't seem like it."

Person 2: "OMG... she's lime green."
by krazykid933 February 19, 2010
best friend for life for life

A friend that is even better than your biffle, or BFFL.
Everyone is so jealous of Shawn and Mickaela because they are the most awesome biffleiffles ever.
by krazykid933 June 20, 2010

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