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A phrase used usually by college students to communicate the fact that they going to get so drunk that they will not remember anything the next morning.
Person 1: "The blackout train is departing at 9pm sharp, you wanna come?"

Person 2: "Yeah, get me a one way ticket on the blackout train"
#blackout #drunk #crunk #wasted #hammered
by krau March 16, 2009
A phrase used by college upperclassmen to describe taking advantage of a freshman.
"That freshman boy is so hot, I'm gonna rape it"


"You better rape it before she gains the freshman 15"
#fuck #hot #freshman #naive #college
by krau March 16, 2009
A fraternity pledge. The term comes from the fact that pledges are constantly puking due to disgusting pledging events.
"Eat this jar of mayonnaise and Crisco now, pukie"
#pledge #pledging #frat #fraternity #puking
by krau March 16, 2009
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