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1.the way an annoying dude laughs in the movie theatre
2. a funny sound (not to be confused w/ AAAaaAAAaaAAA!
example 1.

guy at the movies: "AAAAAAH!"

example 2.

guy moving: "PIVOT!"
girl helping guy move: "PIVOT! AAAAAAH!"
by kratos2010 June 22, 2009
short for condensationesque ass; when ur ass is sweaty from sitting in a leather chair/couch/stool for too damn long
kratos: "my ass is so sweaty from sitting in this hot ass bar and this leather barstool isnt helping. now i have condo-ass"

xelacue: "ugh, i hate that!"
by kratos2010 June 22, 2009
someone who is so ugly their face looks like its full of gonorrhea. also has a habit of date raping guys that would never touch him otherwise
girl at bar: ew, his nose is so ugly it looks like its full of gonorrhea!

guy at bar: looks like his whole face is full of gonorrhea.

girl and guy: Gonorrhea face!!!!
by kratos2010 June 18, 2009
a dumb phrase people like to use, usually leading up to absolutely nothing.
fucktard: dude, ull never guess where im goin this summer... wait for it.... ........................

me: *looks around* ...um... what the fuck am i waiting for?
by kratos2010 July 24, 2009

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