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An amusement park in the Germany,(AKA the Fatherland), that uses the wiener* as it's theme. Rides, concessions & all entertainment is somehow related to wieners.
*In this reference, wiener is a hot dog.
"Welcome to Wienerland, You can ride through the Bunnel Of Love, ride the Wiener-Go-Round, play Whack-A-Wiener in the arcade or experience the thrill of the Boner Coster!"
by Krandma August 14, 2008
The part of the anatomy that resides between the legs of a male diver or swimmer. The color becomes a vivid purple when excited & sometimes even when there is a present threat. When in this state of awareness the Purple Sea Sausage has been known to use its defense mechanism, spitting a thick white substance to entangle & disorient the attacker.
As the Calypso was anchored in the waters off Panama, John Paul encountered a Purple Sea Sausage in an excited state as it was chasing the rare & beautiful Soft Shelled Brown Anus, (pronounced A-noose.)
by krandma August 14, 2008
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